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A Candidate for the People

Sam Clark is running for City Council in a purple district in Fairview, Colorado. And he’s running in a new, bold, and very American way—with no platform of his own. His platform is a platform of pure democracy: it’s all direct quotes, from real, everyday Fairviewians.

If you've made it this far, you may have realized that this is not a real campaign. It is, in fact, a fake campaign website for a real show about a fake City Council candidate talking to real people.

We filmed a proof-of-concept pilot for this show in 4 days on a shoestring budget with a tiny cast and crew—and we'd love to film more with more resources and a distributor. We edited our footage into a short film that's been accepted into 32 Film Festivals and won 19 Awards, including 10 Best Comedy or Best Short Film Awards and 5 for Best Actor (Sam playing a worse version of himself). Check out our laurels and awards below.


The film is reviewed by Film Daily, who called FAIRVIEW "the political satire we needand "not only funny, but eerily relevant." The Actors Awards said "Sam Clark clearly isn't afraid to push boundaries...He is someone you love to cringe over...frighteningly relevant." 


FAIRVIEW is part documentary, part mockumentary. While Sam and his crack campaign team are not actually running for real City Council, they do interact with real locals in focus groups, door-to-door canvassing, and town halls to craft slogans and platforms that can appeal to everyone—picture a political NATHAN FOR YOU meets a small-town VEEP. In the confines of campaign headquarters, cameraman Zach finds a fictional campaign team with the big aspirations of Christopher Guest mockumentary subjects and the questionable judgment of the "Trailer Park Boys"—but outside HQ, the voters and the issues are real.

Watch the trailer below!

Want to watch the whole thing? Contact us in the form below and we'll send you a link.

Want to work with Sam and his team at "Slogan TBD Productions" (name TBD) to make this show? Or another show? Same thing. Fill out the form.

Want to ink a development deal with Sam or represent him or hire him? Or want to do the same for his intern Derek, who is in the show but also designed some posters and ran sound sometimes? For the love of god, fill out the form. 

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